Heated Socks FIRE-SOCK RC Wool

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  • Set: 1 pair of heated socks, 2 batteries, remote control, charger
  • Heating element under the toes
  • Copper thread woven in to reduce bacteria

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Model:  AJ27-RC

FIRE-SOCKS, the heated socks from ALPENHEAT, keep your feet cosy and warm and are extremely comfortable to wear.
The heating element is embedded in the sock underneath the toes and works on a small compact battery that fits into the pocket at the top of the sock.
FIRE-SOCKS are available in four sizes, contain MERINO wool and with 3 heat settings keep you warm for 3.5 - 7.5 hours.
Special copper thread has been woven into the socks that hinders the growth of bacteria, preventing unpleasant odors and increasing the life cycle of the socks.
The batteries and heating element have been optimised for use in deep temperatures.
The batteries can be charged either with the USB cable or plugged into the charger and household power supply. The heat settings can be adjusted by remote control. 


1. Heated Socks
  • Warm soft breathable material
  • Copper thread woven in to reduce bacteria
  • Material:
    • 28.3% acrylic
    • 20.2% wool (merino sheep)
    • 19.4% polyester
    • 16.9% polyamide
    • 14.0% cupro
    • 1.2% elastane
2. Heating Element:
  • Carbon thread heating element underneath the toes
3. ALPENHEAT Controller with Battery Packs
  • Remote control
  • High performance rechargeable Li-Ion batteries 3.7V / 2.2 Ah / 8.14Wh
  • Battery pack: small, light (64g) und compact (55 x 86 x 11mm)
  • 3 heat settings
  • Heating duration: 3.5 - 7.5 hours  
  • Battery pocket directly on the sock
4. ALPENHEAT Charger 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Charging time 4 hours
  • USB Y-Adapter cable
  • 5V and 1000mAh load voltage
5. Sizes: unisex

et Content:

1 pair of socks (AJ21), 1 charger (LG18), 2 battery packs (BP18), 1 remote coSntrol (AC18)


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