ALPENHEAT Heated Underpants FIRE-PANTLINER: short

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  • Heated pants with battery and charger
  • Heating elements in thigh area
  • Heat duration: up to 8 hours
  • Ideal to wear under ski pants, trousers, jeans

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Model: AJ6-2-short

FIRE-PANTLINER heated underpants developed to keep you warm in cold weather. Ideal for wearing under ski pants, trousers, jeans!

The special heating elements in the thigh area are close to the skin, allowing the heat to transfer ideally to the body. The pant liners are perfectly insulated by the layers of clothing worn over the underpants, keeping the heat in.

The heat is turned on and regulated (5 heat settings) by pressing the push-button switch on the battery pack. Depending on the setting, the battery gives two to eight hours of heat.

The heated underpants are yet another innovative solution to keep you warm and comfortable, whether during sporting activities or in everyday life!

  • Heated pant liners
    • Ideal for wearing under ski pants, trousers, jeans
    • Extremely thin, soft, durable material
    • Colour: black
    • Hand-wash only
    • Large-sized heating elements in thigh area
    • Flexible bio-thermal synthetic fibres
  • Alpenheat controller with battery pack:
    • Heat duration 2 - 8 hours 
    • High power rechargeable Li-Ion batteries 7.4V / 2.2Ah 
    • 5 heating levels 
    • Push button operation 
    • Battery pack: small, light and compact (55x70x25mm)

  • Alpenheat Universal Battery Charger 100-240V 50/60Hz: 
    • Charging time approx. 4 hours

  • 4 Sizes: Unisex
    • Small           44/46
    • Medium        48/50
    • Large           50/52
    • XLarge         52/54
Set Content:

1 pair of short pants, 1x BP3, 1x LG3

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