ALPENHEAT Bootheaters TREND Without Packaging


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  • Insoles with embedded heating elements and battery packs (batteries not included)
  • 20cm² heating element
  • Heat duration up to 16 hours

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Model: AH5-2-OL without packaging

The TREND bootheater is a high performance compact foot warmer at an extremely competitive price. Ideal for every activity out in the cold, whether participating actively in sports or as a spectator watching a football or ice hockey game, as well as in general situations in daily life like going for a walk: TREND will keep your feet comfortably warm!

With good thermal insulation properties and 3 heat settings, TREND provides up to 16 hours of heat, depending on the setting and the batteries used. Put the batteries into the battery pack provided. Cut the heated insole to the size required, slip into your shoe and connect to the battery pack via the heavy-duty cable and plug. Fix the battery pack to your shoe using the snap-on clips provided.


  • Bootheaters
  • 5mm heated polyurethane foam sole, ready to be cut to size: EU size 32 – 47.5
  • Heating elements embedded in the toe area
  • 3,5 mm stereo plug
  • Heat duration up to 16 hours (depending on the batteries used, batteries not included in the set)
  • For all types of AA batteries and rechargeable batteries, Size AA (4x per battery pack)
  • Battery pack 64 x 30 x 80 mm /60g (without batteries), 3 mm stereo socket
  • 3 heat settings
  • Attached by means of the spring clips 
Set Content:

2 insoles with embedded heating elements (IS4), 2 battery packs without batteries (BP5)



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